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As a stamper myself, I dreamed of solid and true colors that popped on my paper as well as color coordination that is a snap. We tested and played with different ink formulations to make sure it could meet all the challenges...and Catherine Pooler ink was born!  We arrived at an ink formula that was multi-purpose, achieving results previously requiring multiple or specialty products.  

Keep reading to learn about the qualities of CP Ink that will put YOU over the moon with your stamping experience.  

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What makes our dye ink special?
Color made easy

Color made easy

CP Inks collections are formulated to help crafters easily create perfectly coordinated projects with matching saturations and tones.

Embossing Powder

Solid, Smooth Images

With our foam pads, two or three LOVE TAPS are all you need to get full coverage on your stamp that transfers beautifully to your paper.

Water reactive 

Water Reactive

CP dye inks are water-reactive, making them great for ever-popular water splotching and flicking techniques.

Color made easy

Blending is easy

CP Inks stay wet for a few seconds, so you have time to ink blend beautiful backgrounds with your colored ink pads.

How to use and care for your dye inks

All about Catherine Pooler Inks

Catherine Pooler foam ink pads release ink very easily making them perfect for stamping, ink blending and direct-to-paper techniques.

Ink Refills

Our foam ink pads transfer ink easily and we recommend purchasing ink refills so you’re never caught with a dry pad.

Midnight Ink Best Practices

Our archival Midnight Ink is waterproof and permanent. Use a stamp cleaner immediately after stamping for best results in removing the ink.

Metallic Inks

Our Pigment Metallic Inks are slow-drying, archival, fade-resistant and acid-free. Use clear embossing powder or spray fixative for improved permanence.

Metallic Inks

Add bling to your projects with our Metallic Pigment Inks! Our Metallic Inks are thick and rich in color, and they stamp crisp images and sentiments that shimmer as they catch the light.

Pigment inks are slow-drying, archival, fade-resistant and acid-free. Dry time depends on the surface used—inks will dry faster and be more permanent on more porous surfaces. Use clear embossing powder or spray fixative for improved permanence.

Color Made Easy

The Catherine Pooler Designs Ink Collection "Color Made Easy" system takes the guesswork out of choosing colors for your card making projects. Choose your color palette from the Party Collection or Spa Collection for perfect coordination!

The Party Inks are vibrant, saturated colors....think lime green and bright pink. With names like Fiesta Blue and Rockin' Red, they are bright, fun and they scream party!

The Spa Inks are sophisticated colors with low saturation levels. With names like Mandarin Spice and Shea Butter, they are perfect for a polished card design.

You will always feel successful when choosing color palettes within the families as they all mix and match perfectly!

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Inky Resources

As you can see, we are pretty passionate about color! To help take our Color Made Easy a step further, we have a couple tools for your crafty toolbox you may enjoy. Below you can find a free CP Ink Color Wheel and Ink Swatch Chart to help you with your color combos and keep you organized.

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